About Us

We are experienced parenting and family practitioners, having worked for many years within the NHS and Social Care. We use our specialist training to support and advise parents and practitioners to help understand children and young people’s behaviour.

We provide a flexible, practical approach to parenting through individual parent coaching, workshops and group work. There may be behaviour you want to understand better, situations you want to handle differently or even change completely.  By having space to think about your child, a deeper understanding of their behaviour will be achieved leading to improved relationships and a calmer family life. We can also support you as a family around difficult life events, such as divorce and bereavement. 

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Meet the team

Sarah Curnow-Webb

I qualified as a nursery nurse some 30 years ago and spent many years working with children and families. I started working as a parenting practitioner for the NHS in 2001. I work on an individual basis with families offering a flexible approach to parenting support and also facilitate group work with individually written courses and sessions. In 2010, I qualified as a counsellor. I am a mother of 2 grown up girls, and have 2 granddaughters. As a parent, grandparent and a professional I know parenting can be fun and rewarding but also exhausting, tough and challenging at times.

Michelle Cooke

I have worked with children and families for over 20 years. Prior to setting up Purple Parenting with Sarah, I worked within a Children’s Centre managing a Family Support Team. Through my work I have delivered one to one and group parenting support. It is a real honour working with families to help support them to enjoy being together as a family and increase confidence in parenting. I am a qualified social worker and parenting practitioner. I am also a mother of two, I have an 16 year old boy and a 14 year old girl so I am well aware of all the highs and lows that parenting entails.

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