Confidentiality Statement

The information we hold may differ depending on whether the client is a parent, staff member attending training or person/organisation who has commissioned us to deliver services. Confidentiality is discussed with all clients and participants in our workshops/staff training sessions before they commence.

Purple Parenting Limited is committed to providing all our clients with the highest possible service and treating all personal details supplied by you in the strictest confidence. Any personal details shared by clients during workshops, groups or consultations will remain confidential within Purple Parenting, and we will not share this information with any other organisation or person.


If there is evidence that a parent or child’s safety is compromised, then we have a duty to share this information with the relevant organisation. Where possible this will be done with the client’s prior knowledge.

Visitors to our website can provide contact details via forms available on the site. Please see our full privacy policy for details on how this information is used.

We are registered with the Data Protection Public Register (Reg. Number ZA265555). Find more details online at

If you have any further questions relating to the collection or use of personal information by the Purple Parenting Limited please contact Michelle Cooke, Director by e-mail:

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