For Parents

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs – it can be wonderful, funny and exciting but can also be exhausting, difficult, overwhelming and a whole lot of pressure too. There are so many opinions and judgements out there, that you start to doubt your own instincts and how you want to parent. Expectations are high – we feel we should know better, do better and be better parents for our children.

All ages bring their own challenges – from the baby that won’t sleep to the teenager coping with exam stress.  There may be situations you want to handle differently or change completely. Working out the best way forward can be tough and at times it can feel that things are getting worse rather than better.

Parents Sitting On Sofa Cuddling Baby Daughter At Home

Life can be especially hard if your child has additional needs or if you are dealing with difficult life events such as separation, divorce or bereavement. Knowing how to support your child in the best way when life is tough can be even more challenging when trying to cope with your own feelings and emotions.

If this sounds familiar – we can help. By exploring and unpicking your concerns together we can start to understand the reasons why things happen. Each family, parent and child is different and unique, so we appreciate that one size does not fit all. We build bespoke programmes for families and offer support whilst changes are put in place. We work with you and focus on what you feel needs to change, giving individual, practical strategies so that you can start to enjoy family life again and gain greater balance through the ups and downs of being a parent.

Putting these changes into action may not be easy but with guidance, encouragement and support you will find that you understand your child better, have an improved relationship with them and will have a ‘tool kit’ of strategies that adapt and work for you.

We are based in Kent and can offer coaching in your home, depending on location. Alternatively, we are able to offer telephone, e-mail or skype support, regardless of where you live. We have worked with people locally, nationally and even supported families in America! We have a flexible pricing structure depending on the service you would like so please contact us to discuss whether we are the right service for you, and which of our services would best meet the needs of your family.

Contact us for your free telephone consultation


We are working individually with families through telephone, Zoom or Skype.

Now that restrictions have lifted, we are again able to offer home visiting alongside the online and telephone support, depending on distance.

If you would like more information, we offer a free, no obligation call so we can discuss your concerns and whether we would be the right service for you. 

Understanding your baby’s sleep (£6.99)
Tues 25th January 11.30–12.30 pm
Understanding your toddler’s sleep (£6.99)
Wed 2nd February 11.30–12.30 pm
Toilet training your toddler (£6.99)
Wed 9th February 11.30–12.30 pm
We are running these live Zoom workshop/webinars for parents.
They can be purchased through Facebook or contact us to book on directly. If you can’t attend live, we will be recording them and can send them out afterwards.
Parenting groups and other workshops

In 2022 we will be running a variety of other parenting groups and parent workshops online through Zoom. These will include:

  • 4 week parenting group looking at understanding your child’s behaviour, managing emotions and providing practical strategies for you to use at home.
  • Introduction to Autism Workshop
  • Introduction to Sensory Processing Workshop
  • Understanding the Teenage Brain Workshop
  • Understanding Teenage Anxiety Workshop

We do not have any dates yet confirmed for our group work or workshops, however to find out more information or to go on our waiting list, please email us on info@purpleparenting.co.uk or use our contact form

Danson Children’s Centre Zoom Workshops

We are currently working out next terms dates – watch this space!

These workshops are available free to parents in Bexley. To book your place please email Danson Children Centre: u5.dansonyc@btconnect.com

Early Years Zoom Staff Training

Supporting Children’s Behaviour in an Early Years Setting (£19.99) – Thursday 3rd February 7-8.30
This live Zoom training offers a practical and supportive approach to understanding and supporting children’s challenging behaviour in an Early Years setting. We will explore practical, supportive strategies to build confidence and skills.
The Revised EYFS and Ofsted (£19.99) – Tuesday 22nd February 7-8.30pm  
This live Zoom training supports managers and early years practitioners to understand the revised EYFS and implications for practice. It will explore the prime and specific areas of
learning within the EYFS framework, and how the setting can meet the safeguarding and welfare, and the learning and development requirements.
Safeguarding (Level 1) for Early Years Practitioners Zoom Training (£24.99) – Wednesday 9th March 7-9pm
This live Zoom training aims to support early years practitioners to feel confident in identifying the possible signs and indicators of child abuse and neglect, respond appropriately through sharing information and taking immediate action to keep children safe.

For more details, or to book with us directly, please contact us on info@purpleparenting.co.uk 

Whole Setting Staff Training

We are happy to announce that with the current change in restrictions, we are now able to offer face to face staff training again. If you would like to arrange online or in person training for your staff group please email us for details on info@purpleparenting.co.uk