ASD course
Parenting through the lockdown

When we turn on the TV today, there will be one subject dominating everything – the Coronavirus pandemic. This of course is a very immediate, serious and worrying health concern, but how does it affect our children who are hearing the news, seeing our own anxiety and struggling to manage their own fears? The world has changed in […]

First cheque
Four glorious years of Purple!

Having worked with families for many years, Michelle and I founded Purple Parenting (now affectionately known as Purple) nearly 4 years ago. Since those early days, things have changed and developed – just see how young we look in our picture with our first cheque! There have been numerous shifts of thinking, differing ideas, a […]

Angry girl screaming
The post school apocalypse

There are few things in life that are certain, but when it comes to the school pick up, some things happen with annoying regularity. Firstly, the heavens open – probably about 3 pm so you are suitably drenched by the time they walk out. It’s as if the rain is just watching and waiting…hang on, […]

Elementary School Pupils Running In Playground
The first few weeks of school

So, the long hot summer is over. The preparation has been done, you’ve gone over how exciting big school is, you’ve read books about the first day and you’ve done a few dummy runs…..you know, just to make sure. The uniform has been tried on and bought. The shoes have been purchased and worn in […]

Why does the tooth fairy need teeth?

When my daughter lost a tooth she was super excited and also a tad perplexed, asking “why does the tooth fairy need teeth Mummy?” Excellent question, unfortunately I was knackered and I could not think of a valid reason, so we looked on Google. This was a mistake as it seems that every answer is […]

Run Baby Run!

Life can be tough when you have a runner. They get a whiff of the open road and before you can blink they have made a bid for freedom and a dash for whatever has taken their fancy. Oh and what a great game it is too!  “Walking along calmly beside Mummy or Daddy – […]