Purple is CICing off! (reads kicking)

Now there are 2 things to say about the title:

  1. We can still spell (especially Sarah) and…
  2. We’re not that angry (at the moment).

So, you may or may not have noticed that Michelle and I have been relatively quiet recently – mainly on social media but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy, we have. It’s been a hectic summer for both of us, professionally and personally but we’re still here and we’re still working away.

We have been running Purple for 9 years now, which is difficult to believe at times! We are really proud of the service we provide and how the company has evolved. We have gone through many changes in that time, some easier than others and have supported each other through many ups and downs.

Earlier this year, we made the decision to fundamentally change how our company is run – to become a Community Interest Company otherwise known as a CIC. This means that before the end of the year, we will be shutting Purple Parenting Ltd (this is a good thing but a bit of a pain in the bum to do) and opening a new company – Purple Parenting CIC – parent coaching and staff training.

Both Michelle and I feel this is absolutely the right way forward for us. Whilst it won’t change how we support families, it will enable us to reach more people. We will continue to offer a flexible, family led service but by securing funding we will have the opportunity to offer some subsidised support, for those who otherwise might find money a barrier. We are both very excited about the future of Purple and feel that this is a natural progression for us as professionals and fits very well with our own personal ethos.

So, please bear with us – at present we are working through copious amounts of paperwork and processes – some are straightforward and some appear to be plain ridiculous. At present we are writing formal letters to ourselves requesting various permissions, which as directors, we have to reply back to, formally giving those permissions! Fun times.

It will still be business as usual – we are still working, coaching, training and loving what we do so do get in contact if you would like to discuss parent support or staff training.

We run a company called Purple Parenting, offering parent coaching, parent groups & workshops and bespoke staff training for Early Years to KS2. Are you struggling to understand your child’s behaviour and how to respond? We offer a free initial chat to see whether parent coaching would be for you. We also offer bespoke training for Early Years or schools settings, including understanding and supporting self regulation and resilience. Contact us through our website, Facebook/Instagram message or email on info@purpleparenting.co.uk