Purple is CICing off! (reads kicking)

Now there are 2 things to say about the title: We can still spell (especially Sarah) and… We’re not that angry (at the moment). So, you may or may not have noticed that Michelle and I have been relatively quiet recently – mainly on social media but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy, we […]


So, for many of us (me included), January can be a tough month. The decorations have been packed away, the turkey in all its various forms – curry, stew, soup, pie – has been finished off for another year and children have returned – reluctantly for some – to school or nursery. I say some, […]

Mum, baby and daughter

When I write a blog, I try to make it light and easy to read, even funny (ish) if I can – never forget, when you’re laughing you’re learning after all! I will be honest though, I have struggled with this one – call it writers block, or just a subject which I have not […]

Sharing is caring – or is it?

Well, of course it is. Sharing is a good thing, we all know that, but when it comes to our children and in particular our pre-schoolers, is it realistic to expect them to share? We hear it all the time – “Come on Teddy, share the toy now, it’s Leo’s turn”. The fact that both […]

Playing with fire…

We absolutely love delivering training to Early Years and schools. There is a certain kind of buzz we get from it, particularly when it’s face to face. It’s so lovely to be back meeting people again after the long break of the past 2 years.  One of our most popular sessions is how to understand […]

ASD course
Parenting through the lockdown

When we turn on the TV today, there will be one subject dominating everything – the Coronavirus pandemic. This of course is a very immediate, serious and worrying health concern, but how does it affect our children who are hearing the news, seeing our own anxiety and struggling to manage their own fears? The world has changed in […]

First cheque
Four glorious years of Purple!

Having worked with families for many years, Michelle and I founded Purple Parenting (now affectionately known as Purple) nearly 4 years ago. Since those early days, things have changed and developed – just see how young we look in our picture with our first cheque! There have been numerous shifts of thinking, differing ideas, a […]