Angry girl screaming
The post school apocalypse

There are few things in life that are certain, but when it comes to the school pick up, some things happen with annoying regularity. Firstly, the heavens open – probably about 3 pm so you are suitably drenched by the time they walk out. It’s as if the rain is just watching and waiting…hang on, […]

Elementary School Pupils Running In Playground
The first few weeks of school

So, the long hot summer is over. The preparation has been done, you’ve gone over how exciting big school is, you’ve read books about the first day and you’ve done a few dummy runs… know, just to make sure. The uniform has been tried on and bought. The shoes have been purchased and worn in […]

Why does the tooth fairy need teeth?

When my daughter lost a tooth she was super excited and also a tad perplexed, asking “why does the tooth fairy need teeth Mummy?” Excellent question, unfortunately I was knackered and I could not think of a valid reason, so we looked on Google. This was a mistake as it seems that every answer is […]

Run Baby Run!

Life can be tough when you have a runner. They get a whiff of the open road and before you can blink they have made a bid for freedom and a dash for whatever has taken their fancy. Oh and what a great game it is too!  “Walking along calmly beside Mummy or Daddy – […]

concept of sorry word on wooden colorful cubes
When sorry seems to be the hardest word.

We’ve all been there with our children – watched as they’ve snatched a toy from a child, or heard them call another child a horrible name or…the list is endless. Whatever the misdemeanour is, or whatever wrongdoing has been committed, there does appear to be a standardized course of action that takes place – an […]

summer, childhood, leisure and people concept - happy little boys outdoors fighting for fun on green field
Play Fighting – Fun or Aggressive?

Play is essential for all children. It enables them to grow and develop, learn about the world around them, their family values and relationships, cause and effect, communication and social skills and improves confidence and self-esteem. The benefits of play for children really has no limits. So is there value to play fighting? Is it […]

Purple Santa Merry Xmas
Twelve Days of Christmas (sort of!)

It’s that time of year again! The annual madness has taken over when we’re gripped with the need to make lists, shop like there’s no tomorrow and have an unhealthy obsession with all things sparkly, gold and shiny. We could write a blog here about the pressures of Christmas and maintaining routines and boundaries – […]

Night terrors of the child. Fear of the dark. The baby on the bed at night. An empty space to insert text.
Coping with Night Terrors

Understanding Night Terrors  In the second of our two blogs on nightmares and night terrors, we look at understanding night terrors and ways to minimise their impact. Most children have the odd nightmare, where they wake suddenly, remember what scared them and want comforting, however night terrors are very different. They are far less common, […]